Become a Pinal County
Poll Worker

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pinal County Poll Worker! As a poll worker, you are a critical part of the election process and help us to ensure that each election is accurate and fair. Election work is rewarding and engaging for those who want to participate in the democratic process, serve the public, and meet the people in their community. 

Pinal County has approximately 100 polling locations that need to be staffed with poll workers during an election. A poll worker is a county resident who works at the polling place on Election Day and is paid a stipend for training, time, and travel. Poll workers are encouraged to be placed on the Active Early Voter List (AEVL) and receive an early ballot by mail since it is not guaranteed that you will be assigned to your esignated polling location on Election Day.

Become a PC

Step into a pivotal role in the Republican party
by becoming a Precinct Committeeman.


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